Running Campaigns

Setting up and monitoring Email Campaigns

Features of Multi Channel Sequences and Monitoring Emails

How to create a campaign?

Create LinkedIn and Email Multi Sequence Campigns

How to Add Prospects to a Running Campaign

Learn how to add prospects into your campaign on!

How to Blocklist Prospects from Your Campaign

Learn how to blocklist prospects from your campaign!

Delete Prospects from a Running Campaign

1. Make sure you're on your "Campaigns" screen in Deal Hunter. Once you are on this screen, click " Three magical dots " .    2. Go to the “Target Profile” options 3. Go to the “Bulk Operations” 4. Now you can select one profile or multiple profil...

How to Create a Post-campaign

1. Go on these “Three dots” and “copy link to post”.  2. Go to the Deal Hunter platform and click “Create Campaign”.  3. Name the campaign name and Click on “Save”.  4. Click on “Add all post comments” 5. Paste the URL link, click on Save and move...

How to Edit a Running Campaign

1. In a campaign that is already running or that has already been started. If you want to edit the campaign or edit in any shot of editing in these campaigns, it will take one to two hours to modify one single step. If you have created a campaign ...

How to Pause a Running Campaign

1. Come on the Campaign page.  2.  Click on Pause icon. 3. If you want everything to be paused, do not check the box. If you want everything that is sending follow-ups and everything that is currently in execution also to be paused, do not check t...

How to Run a LinkedIn Campaign with Hashtag Search

Learn how to run a hashtag campaign

How to Run a Campaign Using SalesGPT

Learn to run campaigns using SalesGPT in Dealhunter

Running a Campaign Using Basic LinkedIn Search

Learn how to use a linkedin search to run a campaign